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--- xus (1/10/2013)
Breakfast started at 7am at the hotel which is kind of late, especially if you want to go to Manuel Antonio National Park next door early (opens 7am to 4pm, Tuesday to Sunday). Today is our free day to enjoy the beach, since it is Monday and the national park is closed, but we are not the kind of persons that can sit on a beach all day, so I booked a sunset snorkeling tour for the afternoon ($75/person). It turned out to be the only thing that I regretted doing in Costa Rica. Details coming up.

1. After breakfast, we went to the beach again. It was much more quiet than yesterday afternoon, very few people around.


Manuel Antonio beach.


An iguana walked past us on the beach and got on a tree nearby.


Walking towards the other end of the beach. The further we walked, the less people. Even people renting beach chairs out didn't bother to come this far.


The sunset snorkeling tour started at 1pm. We were the first to get picked up at our hotel. More people were picked up at their hotels on our way to the harbor at Quepos. The boat they used for the snorkeling tour was kind of small, and my motion sickness kicked in soon after I got on the boat. I thought I would feel better once I started snorkeling, but for some reason it got even worse. I completely lost it when I was snorkeling, puked everything I ate since lunch. Somehow the fish loved my puke. Every time I puked, dozens of fish surrounded me immediately. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time. I got back to the boat as quick as I could and lied down for the rest of the tour. Dave said I didn't miss much. The water was very murky, you couldn't see far at all. Even when he dived down, there wasn't many fish to see. We would have stayed at the beach had we known this!


8. The weather wasn't good during the sunset snorkeling tour either.

(To be continued)

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