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--- AllAreaPlumbing (10/10/2011)
Have you ever wondered why the toilets in commercial buildings are taller than your toilet at home? Have you ever wished you could have one of those high rise commodes in your own bathroom. The answer is YES! Yes you can! The reason they are in commercial buildings is simply because they are required to be there by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These toilets are not exclusive to commercial settings, they are just mandatory there. If you would like the convenience and comfort of a throne fit for a king right in your own home, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. These taller toilets are very appealing to people that struggle to sit down and stand up on a conventional height water closet. The elderly, people with hip or knee problems, or active athletes who frequently have sore legs are prime candidates for a taller upgrade. Although these comfort height toilets are very appealing to most adults, they are not small child friendly. Remember, this will be an extra 2" for small children to try and climb aboard, or for small boys to have to rise above. As any parent of a small boy can attest to, you may not want to give these sharp shooters any added degree of difficulty.

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