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Virtual Nuggets is a fast growing Online Training /Corporate Training / IT Workshops /CBT Cd’s/DVD’s company which offers Worldclass training for global wide. We delivered the training for many individual/ groups/ corporate. Virtual Nuggets, genesis from the passion to share knowledge and facilitate learners of diverse levels from beginners to professionals, on upgrading their skills in unique and exceptional technologies through the most effective ways without bestowing your valuable time and redundant money. Our experiences and hurdles to attain knowledge on few technologies, taught us many valuable lessons, as they are hard to find in books, institutions, online, not even any mentor for those unique technologies. Even if we found one, still numerous queries arise in our minds like, are they theoretical sound?, do they provide assistance in the future? Does the material worth our payment?, and so on……. These challenges inspired us and provoked our idea of ‘providing quality education and support to learners’ came to LIFE. Virtual Nuggets is an honest attempt to aid the aspirant learning various technologies in the right way, by right expert faculty with the precise real time practical exposure, devoid of commercial facet to education. We believe, ‘if your intentions are bold and your efforts are honest, you will succeed in whatever you do’. First step to be a good learner is to be an avid reader, so go ahead and explore the various sections of this website, where we have blended our efforts and our trainer’s thoughts to bring them all under one roof, which we are sure, would help you in taking a valuable training.


TIBCO iProcess Suite delivers something that we call BPM+. BPM+ refers to going beyond the traditional boundaries of BPM to handle any type of process, and all of the process lifecycle. We are able to provide this comprehensive functionality by bringing together over 20 years of experience and the input of 1000 customers. BPM+ leverages complementary technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), business activity monitoring (BAM), and complex event processing (CEP). The resources in this section provide a technical perspective on how TIBCO delivers BPM+, including a deep dive into the TIBCO iProcess Suite and information on BPM in an SOA environment.

Course Overview (Total 30 ) :


IProcess Suite: Overview of all the components, functionality and importance in a nutshell)
IProcess Architecture: iProcess Engine internals, Processes breakdown, Inter-process communication mechanics & point-to-point dataflow
Administration of IProcess Engine & Processes: using swadm, swsvrmgr utilities
Basic Procedure design
Advanced design Concepts
Procedure Management & Versioning controls
Integration Basics
Integration Techniques
Procedure Creation
Procedure Management
Introduction to Satffware Administration
Events and subprocess
Develop Procedure and Forms using Business Studio and deploying the developed processes into IProcess Modeler
Iprocess Client ( Browser)
Project ( Mini Project)

Benefits of Online Training:-

1. Quality training.
2. Customized Class timings.
3. Lowest price in the market.
4. Classes driven by real time expert.
5. Interview assistance (FAQ’s, Sample resumes).
6. Material (Manuals, Documents, presentations, suggested resources).
7. You can attend from your happy and comfort environment.
8. Flexible and customized timings.
9. Easy to follow, because it’s more over practical sessions.
10. Finally online training sessions are Easy, time saving and efficient.
11 Interview Facing Skills and FAQ

More Details:-

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