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--- xus (6/20/2012)
Day 11

Didn't pick a good day to see Mt. Fuji. It was cloudy all morning, we couldn't even tell where the mountain is. So we went to Oshino Hakkai first.

1. Oshino Hakkai is the name given to 8 little ponds filled with melted snow water that has taken alleged more than 80 years to filter through the underground layers of Mt. Fuji.

2. Some guy's own little pond.

4. Lake Yamanaka, the biggest of the Fuji Five Lakes. This is supposed to be a good spot to see Mt. Fuji :(

5. Fuji area is famous for its Udon noodle. My brother found us a good local place to eat lunch. This is their signature noodle dish. It tasted fantastic, and it was only 550 Yen.

6. After lunch, the weather improved. We finally got to see Mt. Fuji.

7. Dave also noticed this sticker placed on some cars. Guess what it is for? Answer is at the end.

8. Shiraito waterfall.

10. More Mt. Fuji seen on our way home.

Answer: The sticker is called the fallen leaf mark . According to, the sticker must be displayed by drivers over 75 (and strongly recommended for those over 70) to warn other drivers of the impending danger .

(The End)
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