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Do you own a commercial trucking company with several trucks in your fleet or just a single truck or a van and you drive by yourself but considered a high risk by truck insurance companies in Florida? Don’t fret, we’ve created this guide for commercial High Risk Truck Insurance to help you find the right insurance at affordable prices.

What is High Risk Trucking?
Your Trucking operation may be considered as high risk by an insurance company and this is due to several factors that we have mentioned below. Different insurance companies have different outlook towards a trucking operation, what one insurance company may consider a high risk trucking, another may not. Truckers can be considered as “high risk” for many reasons, though, and these can be generally grouped into 4 categories:

Poor Safety Record – The FMCSA (federal motor carrier safety administration) maintains a record of every roadside inspection.
This information is accessible to the truck insurance companies through which they determine the level of risk of your trucking operation. Factors that determine if you are a high risk trucking operation:

Several “OOS” Out Of Service Violations such as Driver, Vehicle and Hazmat Violations. Roadside Inspectors follow Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) criteria for placing drivers Out-of-Service (OOS) for regulatory violations.
Bad ‘SMS’ Rating – Safety Measurement System. An Unsatisfactory Safety Rating or ‘Conditional DOT Rating’ may not count in your favor.
BASIC Violations – Alerts in any of the 7 categories will hurt you.
At fault accidents and crashes
Bad ‘CSA’ record – CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability, and some people refe
Unfavorable loss history – Insurance companies will want your ‘loss runs’. This is a record of the insurance claims you have had in the past, and plays a big factor in your profile.
High Risk Driver – Insurance companies take into consideration a driver’s record and High risk truck driver insurance premiums will be high. Your insurance premiums will be higher based on the following factors:

Drivers with a bad Motor Vehicle Report.
Young Drivers under the age of 25 years.
Drivers that have less than 2 years of CDL experience.
Truck Drivers that have had a DUI. Remember getting insurance for CDL drivers with a DUI is tough, but there are companies that will consider all the facts and not automatically refuse to write the policy. There are chances that you may still get a high risk truck insurance policy but at a much higher premium.
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